Hengxin Shambala

Leading enterprise in domestic digital creative in

Based on the "digital creativity engine" composed of CG+VR+IP basic ability, the enterprise combines the "one-stop industrial packaging ability" formed by creativity, investment and financing, construction and management operation core ability to energize "new cultural tourism, new cultural recreation and new business" on the creation principle of "shock power and touch power". 

One-stop industrial packaging capability of digita

The latest projects

Projects that we are participating in cooperation 

Party Crashers:Balloons
Zhuhai Hengqin TCM Museum

Strategic cooperation

Hengxin Shambala keeps forward in the application of CG&CV, VR and OTT by virtue of continuous reinforcement of technical innovation and technical upgrade. We look forward to achieving success in the future together with many partners. Please contact us for more strategic cooperation.

IP resource library

Hengxin Shambala focuses on IP upstream part, and carries out heavyweight IP content cooperation with international top teams such as Hollywood famous digital preview company The Third Floor, British BBC, Viacom, etc. when continuously developing private IP to form powerful IP resource library.